Students’ Attitudes toward the Setting of Online Learning during the Covid-19 in Aceh

Sriayu Nahrisya, Iskandar Abdul Samad, Syamsul Bahri Ys, Denni Iskandar


The implementation of teaching and learning process during pandemic Covid-19 is a challenge for education sectors. Many schools are closed and the process is changed from offline to online learning mode. This is one of ways to minimize the spread of the virus. The massive lockdown and quarantine policies were carried out by the government in Indonesia and across the globe to limit people’s interaction. Due to this condition, educational technology platforms were highlighted to be used massively as the promising response to mitigate the loss of academic learning objectives. This study is investigating attitudes of students at senior high school toward current implementation of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. 20 students were involved in this research which consists of 16 females and 4 males of SMAN 1 Tapaktuan. This research found that most students are ready with their new online learning environment. Students dominantly found that mobile/smart phone as the most popular tool to access online class, and even some of them also owned laptops. This result could be seen clearly in the four categories that have been provided in this article.
Keywords: teaching, covid-19, education, attitudes, technology, platform.

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