Different Word-Meaning In Acehnese

Armia Armia, Iskandar Abdul Samad, Rostina Taib, Subhayni Subhayni, Cut Zuriana, Ramli Ramli, Maya Shafida, Hendra Heriansyah


Differentiation in word-meaning reflects the diverse variety/type of meaningdetermination
information in a language. This occurs in Acehnese which has different
types of word-meanings compared to other languages across the globe. A semantic
approach is applied in Acehnese. This research applies a qualitative approach which
describes about various meanings of the Acehnese language objectively and
comprehensively. This research found that the words in Acehnese has a variety
of distinctive meanings and tends to be different from other languages, these are (1)
denotative meaning, (2) connotative meaning, (3) lexical meaning, (4) grammatical
meaning, (5) contextual meaning, (6) conceptual meaning, (7) propositional meaning,
and (8) pragmatic meaning.
Keywords: different, words, meaning, Acehnese.

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