The Development of Video-Based Learning Media to Support Craft Practice

Rosmala Dewi, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti, Fitriana Fitriana, Febiyani Sakinah


The learning process in the Design Crafts Course emphasizes on practice learning
through crafting from the student’s creative design that boast an aesthetic value. The
COVID-19 pandemic affects the practical learning process, so it requires an appropriate
strategy to support the learning process. This study aims to explain the process and
stages of online-based learning video making in the Design Craft Course and to test the
feasibility of the videos. The study falls under the criteria of the R&D research (Research
and Development) through the procedural model. The developed video was validated
by a media expert and a material expert before being tested for the fourth semester
students of the year 2018and 2019, with 12 students in total. The researchers made
use of the Likert scale-based questionnaire to collect the data in order to get the
responses from the media expert, the material expert, and the students about the video.
A descriptive statistic data analysis was utilized to analyze the obtained data, which
came in the form of percentages. The results show that the making process of the
online-based learning video met the good category with the percentage of
70.83%, based on the results of the media expert test. The result of the material expert
test is 89.58% which is very good; and the result of the students’ responses to onlinebased
learning video in the Design Craft Course is 86.85%, which is in the very good
category. From the results, it can be concluded that video-based learning can be applied
for the fourth semester students of the Design Craft Course at the Family Welfare
Program in the Faculty Teacher Training and Education, Syiah Kuala University. Based
on the results and the conclusions of the research, it is suggested that to increase the
effectiveness of the video-based learning, researchers can carry out face-to-face
learning experiments and evaluations.
Keywords: Video-Based Learning, Online-Based Craft Learning

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