Maya Khairani


The rise of sexual harassment against children prompted one of the Indonesian children's book writers to make a poster of "6 Langkah Melindungi Dirimu Saat di Sekolah" and spread it freely through social media or e-mail. It turned out that some parents were interested in owning the poster and felt they needed the poster to provide education for their children. The author then conducted a mini-survey to 12 parents who already had the poster. The survey consists of five questions that try to find out the background of the parents having posters, the reason they print the poster, locations to place or post the printed posters, how they educated their children, and the function of the poster to educate the children. The survey showed that parents get the posters from Watiek Ideo, parents realized their importance to provide sex education early to their children, parents decided to put posters in their houses and at their children's schools so that more children would receive education through the posters, parents quite creative in educating their children through poster combine with song or other media, parents feel the poster help them much in providing sex education for their children.

Keywords: Poster, Sex Education, Children, Parent

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