Usfur Ridha


Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia with a history of Southeast Asia's longest conflicts. Although there has been a peace agreement back in 2005, to build the foundation correctly for the character of the next generation is crucial, because of the post-conflict tensions yet fully biodegradable and potentially emerge negative emotions, such as the vengeful, anger, and distrust to others. Character education as an active effort to establish good habits needs to be inculcated goodness continues as children from childhood. Kindergarten is one of formal education to instill values that make up the character. One media that teacher use in instilling the values of the characters is storytelling. The study aims to test the effectiveness of the method Hikayat PMTOH for kindergarten teachers in improving storytelling skills to educate tolerance and peace-loving character in early childhood. Hikayat PMTOH is an art that has unique way to tell a story with rhythm, simple props, and expression (facial narrator) in accordance with the character in the story that appeared in the packaging attractive and memorable to children. Through Hikayat PMTOH, tolerance and love peace is internalized through the training of kindergarten teachers who will be able to become an alternative solution to teach character values in children. The study will involve as many as 30 kindergarten teachers who will be divided into the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group will be trained with Hikayat PMTOH method to improve storytelling skills education for tolerance and peace-loving character. The data obtained will be analyzed by the method of analysis of variance. The results are expected: Hikayat PMTOH effective to improve the skills of teachers to build a character of tolerance and peaceful for childhood.

Keywords: Hikayat  PMTOH, Teacher Skills, Tolerance, Peace-Loving Character

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