Wida Yulia Viridanda


Children self-control ability formed since age 4. Generally, children acts based on environment responses to their behavior, by making comparison of environment responses in several of their behaviors. This response will determine whether the behavior repeated or not. When child reported or seems to have negative act and mistreatment, such as violence and aggressive behavior, who will take responsibility? Human being tends to learn to act by observing their circumstances. By which ages does a child could responsible enough to control their behavior? There are several factors determine self-control development and there is developmental pathways in self-control development in human being especially children. Environment considered taking important role in shaping children’s behavior and self-control. This article aims is to acknowledge community about environment’s influence in shaping children behavior. Research is using secondary data literature review of phenomenon. The findings represented community’s knowledge on environment importance in shaping children behavior has shown, but knowing concept will be different from understanding and application concept of this information. Consequences of the lack of proper learning of self-control in children would bring major impact to children’s behavior in the future.

Keywords: Children, Self-Control, Environment

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