Raudhatul Jannah, Lely Safrina


Children can be difficult to deal with in certain circumstances which can cause stress for parents or caregivers. Inappropriate care that does not fulfill the rights of children, can turn to child emotional abuse. In 2016 there were 1000 cases of child abuse in Indonesia, but based on data from the Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia (KPAI) emotional abuse was the least common type of abuse every year. Actually, this form of abuse in children is common but few know it and are rarely given intervention. Ontheotherhand, emotional abuse is a type of abuse that can occur separately from other types of abuse and is still a little being studied. The purpose of this paper is to see an overview of the impact of child emotional abuse and the dynamics of the impact. This research was conducted using literary study by sorting out journals about child emotional abuse then analyzing them. From the results of the analysis, it can be seen that the effects of child emotional abuse are anxiety, antisocial behavior and delinquency, aggressive behavior, explicit and automatic negative self-associations, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity, suicidal ideas, PTSD, depression, headaches, risky sexual behavior, bulimia nervosa, schizophrenia, self-inflicted injuries, ischaemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insecure attachment, and dating abuse in adolescence.

Keywords: Children, Parenting, Child Emotional Abuse

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