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Prenatal maternal stress is a risk factor for several neuropsychiatric disorders in children. Objective: To review the literature of relationship between prenatal stress and child development. Method: A review of the 12 identified papers that explained prenatal stress and performed to address the following questions: (I) What are the psychological consenquences of prenatal stress on child development? (II) What are the implication for parents who experienced prenatal stress? There are 9 types of problem on children affected by maternal stress. Nine (9) problems found then were classified based on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 5th edition, whic are (1) Neurodevelopmental disorder (Intellectual development disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)), (2)Psychotic Disorders (Schizophrenia), (3) Depressive Disorders (Disruptive mood disregulation disorder, Major Depressive disorder), (4) Anxiety Disorders (Fearfullness), and (5) Disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders (Conduct disorder, and Externalizing problems).

Keywords: Prenatal Stress, Child Neurodevelopmental, Mental Health, Behavior Disorders

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