Herman RN, Mukhlis Mukhlis, Saiful Saiful, Sanusi Sanusi


This study deals with the concept of prayer and respect delivered by mothers in Aceh when swinging their children for sleeping. The Prayer in this studi is doa. Then respect in this study is ketakziman or takzim. In this study, it is called as the poem of Doda Idi. The concept of doa and ketakziman becomes the foundation of character education for every child in Aceh. This study uses a descriptive-qualitative method with a hermeneutic analysis approach popularized by Palmer (2003). The source of research data is the text of the Nursery Song of Doda Idi which is sung by mothers in Aceh while swinging children. The data was taken from Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, North Aceh, Pidie, Aceh Jaya, Southwest Aceh, and South Aceh. The results of the study show that in the poem of Doda Idi contains various values and concepts of character education, including those in the form of prayer and the teachings of respect. Prayers and respect concept delivered through the lyrics of Doda Idi continue to follow the pattern of Aceh poetry which is strong in diction, rhyme and rhythm so that the prayer is conveyed in poetic language which is full of meaning. Some of the mother's prayers found in the poem of Doda Idi are (1) prayers for the child to survive in the life-after, (2) prayer for the child to be a leader, (3) prayer that the child has a noble character. The concept of respect is conveyed through the poem of Doda Idi with regard to (1) respect for both parents, (2) for older people, (3) for the teacher, (4) for the leader. The results of this study indicate that character education and mental development in Aceh have been conveyed to every child from the early age.

Keywords: Doda Idi, Character Education, Nursery Song


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