Devirda Julieta, Nabilla Dina Adharina


To promote technological advancement and foster a cashless society, Bank Indonesia is actively endorsing the National Non-Cash Movement (Gerakan Nasional Non-Tunai or GNNT) for various public services, including public transportation. Several cities in Indonesia have adopted this cashless payment method. However, Trans Metro Bandung (TMB), a public transportation system in Bandung, has not yet implemented this system. The transition to GNNT is crucial for addressing issues related to unauthorized fees, which are prevalent in the public sector, especially in public transportation. This situation is primarily attributed to inadequate institutional factors within TMB. Institutional factors, alongside technical considerations, play a pivotal role in successfully implementing non-cash payment systems in public transportation. These institutional factors encompass politics, financial matters, infrastructure, cooperation, and strategic policies. Therefore, this research aims to assess the condition of each institutional factor in implementing non-cash payment systems within TMB. Using a qualitative approach and incorporating in-depth interviews with the four key stakeholders from various local departments, this research found that factors hindered the adoption of non-cash payment systems in TMB. These factors include politics, the presence of e-money infrastructure, and strategic policy. The transformation of Bandung's public transportation payment system cannot take place without political commitment and its inclusion in a strategic policy framework. Conversely, there is growing public demand for a more dependable payment system for public transportation.


Non-cash payments; Institutional factors; Trans Metro Bandung; Public transportation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24815/jarsp.v6i3.27940

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