JIPI (Jurnal IPA dan Pembelajaran IPA) aims to present original articles about current issues and high-quality research trends that focus on science learning and/or technology-integrated science, especially in fields related to chemistry, biology, physics, environment and disaster mitigation. Technology integration includes learning media, curriculum, assessment processes and science learning outcomes, as well as the application of the latest technology in pure science research.

The editors welcome the submission of papers resulting from currently developing theoretical and experimental research, including:

  1. Manuscripts on the latest research results in the field of science learning (chemistry, biology, physics, environment and disaster mitigation) have contributed significantly to developing the latest trends through the implementation of a curriculum that is integrated with technology at all levels of education.

  2. Manuscripts investigating science learning integrated with web-based technology, Android, Arduino, nanotechnology, virtual laboratories, technology content knowledge research and pedagogy, STEM and/or STEAM, virtual reality, augmented reality, and others relevant to science and its learning. 

  3. Manuscripts on the application of science learning media which focuses on studies related to the latest trends in the use of technology-based science learning media at all levels of education and in society.

  4. Manuscripts of research related to the assessment of science learning processes and outcomes contribute to developing the latest trends in technology-integrated science learning assessment at all levels of education.                        
  5. Manuscripts science teacher education include original theoretical and empirical studies, including professional preparation of teachers, implementation of their work, and/or career development based on the latest technology.                
  6. Research results related to technology-based science learning in everyday life outside the formal classroom. Papers should examine experiences in environments such as the community, home, internet, museums, and other aspects that develop interest, knowledge, and/or application of science. Science learning that emphasizes attention to aspects of problems and factors related to equality.                                                     
  7. Research results related to pure science research that is currently trending (chemistry, biology, physics, environment, and disaster mitigation).
JIPI is a four times a year journal published in March, June, September and December.