The Effect of the Follicle Size and Follicle Number Per Ovary on Oocyte Quality of Local Goat

Arman Sayuti, Tongku Nizwan Siregar, Muslim Akmal, Hamdan H, Hamdani H


This research was aimed to find out the relationship between the diameter of follicle and the
different of follicle number on oocyte quality of local goat. The oocyte originated from the ovary was taken
from the Slaughterhouse in Banda Aceh. The ovary was aspirated in the Histology Laboratory of
Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. This experiment consisted of two
stages, the follicles were selected and divided into 3 groups according to their diameter size. The small
diameter size <2 mm, medium size 2-5 mm, and big size >5 mm. The second, the ovaries were divided
into three groups based on number of follicle, i.e; 1(≤5; 2(6-10); and 3 (≥11). The diameters of oocyte
taken from the three groups of follicle size were measured by using eyepiece micrometer, while the oocyte
morphology was categorized into 4 groups. The result of regression data indicated that the biggest follicle
diameter yielded the oocyte that had bigger diameter, too. The model of regression is y = 0.955 + 0.157x, y
is the diameter of oocyte and x is the diameter of follicle. The close relationship (r) between the diameter of
follicle and the diameter of oocyte was 0.967. There are significant differences (P<0.05) between the size of
follicle and the morphology of oocyte. The oocytes originated from larger follicle tend to have better
morphological appearance than the oocyte originated from smaller follicle.

Keywords: oocyte, follicle

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