Studi Potensial Korosi pada Sistem Proteksi Katodik Beton Bertulang Dengan Variasi Jarak Anoda

Syarizal Fonna, Syifaul Huzni, Muhammad Rizky


The  objective of this study is to study the influence of  anode-cathode displacement to corrosion potential distribution of reinforced concrete cathodic protection system. Reinforced concrete speciments with a length of 1000 mm, width of 100 mm, and a height of 100 mm were used. Three variations of anode-cathode displacement for the specimens were 5 mm, 10 mm, and 20 mm. Specimens were immersed in a solution of NaCl 3.5 % and treated by wet-dry cycle. Profometer 5 + was used to find the location of reinforcement without damaging the surface of the concrete. Half-cell potential digital meters was used to measure the corrosion potential value of steel reinforcement. The corrosion potential measurements after 12 weeks of wet-dry cycle shows that the most negative corrosion potential was obtained for 10 mm anode-cathode displacement, i.e-391 mV. While for 5 mm and 20 mm anode-cathode displacements were -374 mV and -378 mV. Therefore, the anode-cathode displacements might affect the distribution of corrosion potential on reinforced concrete cathodic protection system.



Corrosion;Reinforced Concrete;Cathodic Protection;Half Cell Potential

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