Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The author submit the manuscript online to the website

If you are new to the website, please register as an author here

The manuscript can be submitted to Jurnal Teknik Sipil Website, or through the email of the journal:

The scriptwriting guide can also be downloaded at URL:

Style and Layout Guide (Manuscript Preparapation/Instruction to Authors)

The template Manuscript can be downloaded from this link.

Manuscript should be prepared using Microsoft Word (*.docx) or Word Processor, using double columns;

Layout of the manuscript must follow the given template;

The length of the manuscript should be withing 10 to 20 pages, single space.

Important Sections in the Manuscript:

1. Title of the Manuscript.

The title should be written using Capitalize Each Word, for an example:

Integrating Watershed Management for Mitigating Impacts of Drought

The font size of the title is 12pt, with Times New Roman, Bold, and Centered.

2. Name of Authors

Names of Authors should be written in full name without stating any academic degree, using Times New Roman, 10pt, bold, and centred.

All the fonts should be capitalized.

All author names must clearly indicate their affiliations, addresses, and email. The affiliations and the addresses must be written in Times New Roman with 10pt font size. The names, the affiliations, and the addresses must be centred.  

For example:

Yolanda Arifa1, Gusti Iman Siregar1, and Restiyanti Purnama1

Civil Engineering Department, Hjklmn University, Jl. Prof. Tuvwxz No.99, Banda Aceh-Indonesia, email:

Doctoral Student at Civil Engineering Department, Abcde University, Jl. Rstuvwx No. 100, Jakarta, Indonesia, email:


3. Abstract and Keywords:

Abstract should consists brief explanation of background, objective of the research, methods, and important findings/results. The abstract should be written in two languages, i.e. English and Bahasa Indonesia. The number of words in the abstract should be between 250 and 300 words.

Abstract should be written using Times New Roman, with 10pt font size, italic for English version abstrct, and justified. Abstract should not contain any abbreviation that could confuse readers. Mathematical formulae, if it is part of the result, can be included in the abstract with proper explanation.

Keywords (Kata Kunci) contain important words that have not appear in the title. The number of the keywords should be between 3 and 6 words. They should be typed after the abstract with Times New Roman, 10pt font size and italic.

An example for the abstract:

Abstract: This article illustrates preparation of your paper using Microsoft-Word. The manuscript should be written in english. The length of manuscript should not exceed 10 pages in this format using a4 single-sided papers. The title page should include the succinct title, the authors, and an abstract of around 200 words at the beginning of the manuscript. The affiliation, address and zip code, as well as e-mail address should be listed below the author’ names. The paper begins with a title which uses 12pt Times New Roman. This is followed by the details for each author in 10pt Times New Roman. Section titles are bolded in 10pt Times New Roman. The remainder of the papershould be typed in 10pt Times New Roman. Please set your margin before you type your article by looking at the page setup of this template. If you have any question on the format, please send a message to


Keywords : structure, hydraulic, transportation, soil, foundation.


Abstrak: Artikel ini merupakan template untuk menulis di Jurnal Teknik Teknik Sipil & Perencanaan dengan menggunakan MS-Word. Banyak halaman tidak melebihi 10 lembar dengan format A4- single-sided papers. Halaman judul harus menyertakan judul yang spesifik, pengarang dan abstrak sekitar 200 kata pada awal makalah. Afiliasi, alamat ataupun alamat e-mail harus diberikan di bawah nama pengarang. Penulisan Judul dengan menggunakan Times New Roman 12pt, dan detailnya adalah 10pt Times New Roman. Abstrak harus dituliskan dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Sebelum menulis, mohon margin makalah anda disesuaikan dengan margin dari template ini, yaitu dengan melihat page setup dari template yang telah kami berikan.


Kata kunci : Teknik, sipil, struktur, hidroteknik, transportasi.

4. Manuscript

All part of the manuscript should be written with Times New Roman. Section of the paper should be numbered and written in UPPER CASE, for an example:”1.  INTRODUCTION"

4.1 Sub Headings

This sub heading should be written in Capitalized Each Word, such as “3.1 Experimental Design”


4.1.1. Sub-sub headings

Sub-sub Headings should be written in Sentence Case with italic style, for an example: “3.1.1. Materials for experiments”.


4.2 Paragraphs

All paragraphs should be written orderly to convey the research process and findings and using concise sentences. All Mathematical symbols, commonly used technical words and the unit system, must be written in the International System (SI).

Main bodies of the manuscript should be written in standardized Bahasa Indonesia. If any non-Indonesia word used, the word should be typed in italic. Proper explanation to the terms should be provided if necessary. 


Font : Times New Roman

Font Size : 10pt

Position: right-left (justify)


4.3 Quotation

Jurnal Teknik Sipil adopts Harvard Referencing System. The source of the citation in the text should be typed in brackets:

The order of the citation in the text should be in order of the author's family name and the year of writing (in the case of one author).

For an example: "... a new teory claim that ....(Brown, 2000).


"According to Brown (2000) the number of ... .."


In the case of two authors, the citation should be type in order: the family names of the two authors and the year of writing.

For an example: "... a new teory claim that (Brown and Jones, 2000)


"According to Brown and Jones (2000) ... .. "


If there are more than two authors, the citation should be written in order as: the first author's last name, followed by the acronym "et al".

For an example: "... a new teory claim that (Brown et al, 2000)"


"Brown et al (2000) claims that ...."


4.4 Number and Caption of the Picture/Table and its placement

Caption of all figures should clearly written after each figure with Times New Roman, and font size of 10 pt (bold), centred. Title of the table should be place above the table with numbering as its order appears in the text.

An Example for caption of figure:

Fig. 1. The study area.

An example for title of a table:

Table 1. Data collection.

Resolution of the figure should be at least at 200 x 200 pixels. The figures should be in *.JPEG or *.TIFF formats. When necessary, editor will require the authors to provide higher resolution of the figures to ensure readibility of the figures. Legends or texts in the figure should be type at 10 pt font size.

Table should be typed in single space, with font size 10pt, and Times New Roman.

4.5 Mathematical formula

All necessary formulas used to analyze or process the research should be written and explained properly. The formula should be numbered as it appears in the manuscript. All symbols must be clearly defined. The formulae is centred.

An Example:

Ψ=∫(Χ2+y2)dz.                 (1)

5. References

Number of references cited in the manuscript represents a rigour literature reviews done by the authors. Updated references from at recent five years publications are encouraged. Citing from international and peer-reviewed national journals would be a plus.
Please write DOI number after the reference.  

Please Type and sort all the references in alphabetical order: author's last name, publishing /writing year, title of the article/book, name of journal, volume, and page. 

The References section should be typed  in Times New Roman and 10 pt font size. 


For Journal Article:

Brown, G. , 2000. The dome structure assessment under earthquake dynamic system. Journal of Earthquake Forces, 14, 221-2300. DOI: 10.10300/jty.jurnal.

Rexty, A. and Brian, M.G., 2010. Impacts assesment on recent flash flood event in Manokwari, Indonesia. Journal of Environmental, 20, 100-120. DOI: 20.20101.19/2010.jurnalrskyu.

Ryan, A., Sean, P., and Muwarto, P., 2018. Rekayasa Transportasi Kota saat Evakuasi Tsunami. Jurnal Teknik Sipil, 10, 22-30.DOI: 101.100.00/jts.2010

For Books:

Temple, D. 2010. Introduction to Transportation Engineering. Wiley Press, London. United Kingdoms.

Muwarto, P. and Yunardi, P.., 2019. Petunjuk Penggunaan Materi Perkuatan Jalan Raya. Xyspl Press, Bandung. Indonesia.

For Online Source:

PEMKOT Banda Aceh, 2019. Rencana Tata Ruang Kota Banda Aceh 2019-2029 (Spatial Planning of Banda Aceh City for 2019-2029 in Bahasa Indonesia). (accessed on September 20, 2019).