Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Process and Policy

  1. The author sends or uploads an article through the Journal Website (
  2. The article will be received by Editor in Chief. The Editor in Chief will decide one of member of section editor to be the editor of the manuscript based on field study of the manuscript (section editor member's field of expertise).
  3. 3. The Editor will examine the manuscript based on manuscript selection criteria script and determine whether the manuscript is Accepted or Rejected. If the manuscript does not meet the selection criteria, the manuscript will be rejected, the editor will send it back to the author. The authors are allowed to resend it to the journal after correcting the manuscript based on manuscript selection criteria. If the manuscript meets the selection criteria, the editor will forward it to the reviewers to be reviewed. Between the first received paper and time to send it to the reviewers, it takes about 3-7 days (1 week).
  4. There will be minimum two referees (reviewers) who will examine the paper. They consist of a local reviewer (from Universitas Syaih Kuala) and an external reviewer (from other institution/university outside of Universitas Syiah Kuala). Both reviewer are experts in the area of study. The reviewers will review the manuscript based on Review Form and their expertise in the field of study. The review process takes time about 3 - 4 weeks after the manuscript received by the reviewer, and the editor is responsible for the process.
  5. The result of the reviews will be sent back to the editor whether accepted with major revision or accepted with minor revision or rejected. Based on two or three result of review, the editor decides whether the manuscript is accepted with major revision or minor revision or rejected.
  6. If the article is accepted with minor revision, the author has to revise it within two weeks. If the article is accepted with major revision, it has to be sent back to the reviewers.
  7. The article that has been revised and the content is agreed by editor, it will be sent to layout editor.
  8. After layouting,the journal is ready to be published.