Pemupukan Limbah Monosodium Glutamate dan Gypsum Terhadap Serapan N, P, dan K Tanaman Jagung (Zea mays L.)

Muyassir Muyassir


Monosodium Glutame Sludge and Gypsum Application on Nutrient Update (N, P, and K) by Corn (Zea mays L.)

ABSTRACT. The aims of this research was to study of the nutrient uptake by corn fertilizer with MSG sludge and Gypsum on pelluderts soil in Cihea, Neglasari Village, Cianjur West Java. The result of the experiment showed N content increased proportionally with the increased of MSG sludge and gypsum application. The combination MSG sludge and gypsum application showed N content of plant 0,79 g to 4,21 g and the root were 0,14 to 0,29 g. The content of fosfor in plant increased with increasing MSG sludge and gypsum application from 0,13 g to 0,33 g, and MSG sludge application increased content of P in the root from 0,015 mg to 0,024 mg. The content of K in plant without MSG sludge application ranged from 0,99 g to 2,23 g and the root 0,029 g to 0,78 g with MSG sludge application 8000 L ha-1.


MSG; sludge; gypsum

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