New Editor in Chief and Layout

We are thrilled to announce two exciting developments at Jurnal Natural: the appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief and the introduction of a refreshed layout format with enhanced features.

New Editor-in-Chief:

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Dr. Suhartono as our new Editor-in-Chief, effective January 17, 2024. We are confident that Prof. Suhartono's leadership will be instrumental in guiding Jurnal Natural to even greater heights in the years to come.

Enhanced Layout Format:

Beginning with Volume 24, Jurnal Natural will adopt a new layout format designed to improve readability and accessibility for our readers. This updated format will include the following features:

  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): Each article will now display its unique DOI on the every page, facilitating easy identification and citation.
  • CrossMark Icon and Link: The CrossMark icon will be displayed next to the article tittle, linking users to any potential updates or retractions related to the article.
  • Creative Commons License Statement: All articles will be published under a Creative Commons license, allowing for wider dissemination and reuse while acknowledging author rights.
  • Narrowed Page Margins: The new layout will feature slightly narrower margins, providing more space for content and enhancing readability.
  • Clear Citation Guidelines: A dedicated section in the end of refference section will be included within each article, outlining the proper format for citing the work.

We believe these changes will further strengthen Jurnal Natural's commitment to scholarly excellence and accessibility. We encourage you to explore the new format in Volume 24 and share your feedback with us.

We are confident that these developments, along with the continued dedication of our editorial team and authors, will ensure that Jurnal Natural remains a leading platform for disseminating high-quality research.

Jurnal Natural Editorial Team