Jurnal Natural Welcomes Dr. Sajid Yousuf Zai to Editorial Board

Jurnal Natural is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Sajid Yousuf Zai to its editorial board. Dr. Zai is a distinguished expert in the field of Educational Statistics and Research Methods, bringing a wealth of international experience and knowledge to the journal.

Dr. Zai earned his doctorate from the University of Arkansas, USA. His extensive background includes teaching, research, and professional development training across the globe. He is an authority in research design, qualitative and quantitative research methods, instrument development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Zai's publications include "Quantitative Data Analysis" and "21st Century Skills Development," and he has a forthcoming work titled "Essentials of Educational Testing, Assessment, and Measurement."

Jurnal Natural is confident that Dr. Zai's expertise will further enhance the journal's rigor in the following areas of interest:

Jurnal Narural looks forward to the valuable contributions Dr. Zai will make as it continues to publish high-quality research in these fields.