Dr. Hocine Bougdah

Dr. Hocine Bougdah Mail
Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

Dr Hocine Bougdah has an academic and industrial career that extends over 31 years. He recently joined the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design as a Director for Technical Studies and Sustainability. Prior to this, he was a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Architecture and Cities at the University of Westminster, London and a research/educational consultant with IEREK (Egypt). As part of his academic career, he filled many positions at various levels of responsibility including course director, subject group leader, subject area leader and departmental research coordinator. Alongside his academic roles, he has always been actively involved in various aspects of design related practice and consultancy services as well as services for public bodies (Homes and Community Agency, the Rural Research and Strategy Partnership, South-East, the Royal Society for the Arts, etc. Being a passionate about sustainability as a driver for both the design process and the learning/teaching approaches, he makes use of hands-on approaches to learning such as exploring through making and testing (of ideas) through design.