Effect of Aloe vera Gel Administrated on Reproductive Performance of Female Rats

Gunawan G, Enny T Setiatin, Bayu Rosadi, Thomas Mata Hine, A. Parakkasi


The research was conducted to find out the effect of Aloe vera gel administrated orally on
reproductive performance of female rats. Fifteen two months old female rats were alloted to five
treatments of per oral Aloe vera gel administration: P0 (control), P1(1 mg /g body weight), P2 (2 mg/g
body weight, P3 (3 mg/g body weight), and P4 ( 4 mg/g body weight). The gel were administrated every
day for four weeks. The body weight were measured on the same day as last treatment. The animal then
mated to proven male on 1:1 rasio. Positively mated animals were sacrificed on D-10 after mating to
collect uterus and ovary so the number of fetus, corpus luteum, and ovary weight can be determined. The
treatments significantly decreased (P<0.05) the average body weight gain. The P0 (4.1 g/head/day) was
different to P1 (2.69 g/head/day), P2 (2.87 g/head/day, and P4 (2.68 g/head/day), but was not different to
P3 (3.39 g/head/day). The ovarium weight were not different (P>0.05) among the treatments, so did the
number of corpus luteum (CL), the number of fetuses and the CL: fetus rasio.

Keywords: Aloe vera, rats, reproductive performance


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21157/j.ked.hewan.v1i1.3101

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