J-SIGN (Journal of Informatics, Information System, and Artificial Intelligence)

J-SIGN is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that will consider any original scientific article that expands the field of information technology and various other related applied computer sciences themes. The journal publishes articles of interest to information technology, researchers and practitioners. Manuscripts must be original and educationally interesting to the audience in the field. The goal is to promote concepts and ideas developed in this area of study by publishing relevant, peer-reviewed scientific information and discussion. This will help information technology practitioners advance their knowledge for greater benefit and output in their professional contexts. The focus and scope are Software Engineering, Network and Communication Technology, Geospatial Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, Data Science, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Fuzzy Systems, Natural Language Processing , and Multimedia

J-SIGN will be publish in 2 periods, namely December - May (May edition) and June - November (November edition). Only 5 selected articles will be published in each issue (equals to 10 articles per volume/year).

ISSN 2988-1846 (print) | ISSN 3024-9635 (online)

Call For Paper May Issue 2024 

All articles on November issue have been published.

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Vol 2, No 1 (2024): May