Author Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts submitted to the journal include authentic research papers in the field of elementary education and humanities. The manuscripts are written in Bahasa Indonesia or in English, and have not been submitted elsewhere.
  2. Manuscripts must be submitted using the online journal system (OJS). Authors are required to register before submitting their work.
  3. Manuscripts are submitted in *.doc or *.docx format.
  4. The number of pages is 10-15 pages.
  5. The manuscripts should be written in accordance to the rules as shown in the template of the journal. Please download the template at this link.
  6. The manuscript is recommended to follow the following structure: Introduction - Research Methods - Results and Discussion - Conclusions. There is no need to write down obvious theorems, just quote them when needed.
  7. Citations and references should include more than 10 sources, preferably the last 5 years and come from reputable journals.
  8. When submitting a manuscript, authors are required to submit a Publication Ethics statement, which can be found in this link. The Publication Ethics statement is to be adhered to and signed prior to submission.
  9. All review processes are carried out online via the online journal system and the progress can be monitored by authors via the system.
  10. Authors are responsible for any matters related to permissions to quote or use computer software or other matters related to intellectual rights and legal consequences that may arise.